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What is Reroku? 
How do I upload my work to Reroku? 
How can I make money on Reroku? 
We will explain the answers to these questions on this page. ... 


REROKU is short for 'Read Illustrated Novels.' This website covers all genres of illustrated novels, but its main focus is on Manga and Comics, namely the Japanese and American styles. We hope that in the near future, the Turkish style will also be created by the artists featured on this platform. On Reroku, artists upload their works to our platform and share them with readers. They can upload their works for free or charge a fee for them if they wish. ... 


1- First, you need to click on 'Author Operations' in the upper right corner (for those entering from their phones, it is the three lines in the upper right corner). 

2- Then, click on 'Author Registration' from the small window that opens and fill out the form. 
3- The email address you use here should be an actively used email address. You must activate your account with the email you will receive. 4- After that, click on 'Author Operations' again from the upper right corner, and click on 'Author Login.' 

5- Log in with the information you have determined.

 6- After logging in, click on 'My Account' from the upper right corner, and then click on 'Author Panel' from the small window that opens. 
7- Click on 'Work Management' from the opened page and then click on 'Add New Work' from the small window that opens. 
8- Enter the information about your work and select the cover image for your work. Be sure to make the cover image 1000x1500 in size. 
9- If your work belongs to more than one 'Category,' you can select as many categories as you like by holding down the 'ctrl' key. For those entering from a mobile phone, there is a direct selection feature. 
10- Be sure to specify how many chapters your work will have in total. If this is uncertain, you can change the number you entered later. 
11- Then, enter a long description in the 'Work Description' section. Try to emphasize the unique aspects of your work compared to other series in this description. Also, it is important for the description to be engaging.
 12- After that, click 'Save' to submit your work. Our admins will review your work as soon as possible, and if there are no issues, they will approve it. 
13- After your work is approved, click 'Work Management' again, and click on 'Show All Works' from the small panel that opens. 
14- From this page, you can see if your work has been approved or not. You can also edit, delete, or remove it from publication. 
15- To add a new chapter to your work, click 'Add New Chapter' for your work. 

16- Enter the necessary information for the chapter you want to add. When entering the 'Chapter Title,' it is important to start with 'Chapter 1:' or 'Chapter 1: Experiment of Death,' for example. You can also give a name to the chapter if you want, but it should consist of a maximum of 3 words. For example: Chapter 1: There is No Experiment of Death. 

17- Then, enter a 1 or 2 sentence 'Chapter Description.' 
18- Select whether the chapter is 'Paid' or 'Free,' and if it is paid, enter the appropriate price for your work in numbers. 
19- Specify the chapter number in the 'Order No' section.
 20- Enter the pages of the chapter one by one in order. Don't forget to enter the page numbers of the pages you entered. Be sure to make sure that the pages have the same dimensions, with a maximum height of 1000 or 1500. Pay attention to ensuring that the aspect ratios of these pages are the same.
 21- After completing these steps, click 'Save' and submit your chapter for review by the admins. The admins will review your work as soon as possible. After this step, your work's chapter will be available. When you want to add a new chapter, you can follow the same process again from Step 13.
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