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  • 12- Foreshadowing in Manga and Comics.

    Hello manga and comic book lovers!

    Today, we are going to talk about a technique that enhances the immense depth and allure of stories: ‘Foreshadowing’.

    This concept, which we can translate into English as 'foreseeing' or 'hints of the future', is actually about giving little clues and signs about the events that will occur in the later parts of the story. In short, it's the magical wand that allo

  • 12- Foreshadowing in Manga and Comics.
  • 13- Literary terms used for Comics and Manga.

    Hello to all manga and comic book enthusiasts! Today, we will dive into the literary ocean of manga and comic books. It's not just about vibrant drawings and dynamic action scenes; there's a robust literary foundation underneath those captivating illustrations! Let's uncover the essential literary terms that breathe life into the pages of our favorite manga and comic books.

    1. Protagonist
    The main character around whom the story revolves. They are the hero

  • 13- Literary terms used for Comics and Manga.
  • 14- What is Splash Page?

    Hello Manga Lovers!

    Today, we are diving into a topic that we often encounter in the colorful world of manga, but perhaps we don’t fully know by its name:

    "Splash Pages"!

    Yes, you heard it right. They might be the impressive drawings and dramatic scenes that fascinated you when you first opened a manga. So, what are these Splash Pages, why do they exist, and most importantly, what role do they play in a manga?

  • 14- What is Splash Page?